SDL Trados Studio license upgrade process

You have bought an upgrade of your SDL Trados Studio license, or you are entitled to it because you have a valid Support and Maintenance contract. However, you do not know how to upgrade your license, or when you check your SDL Account, you cannot find the relevant license. For the upgrade process to your most recent version in our

Cómo trabajar con memorias de traducción en SDL Trados Studio

El uso adecuado de una herramienta depende siempre del aprendizaje sistemático de la misma y de las referencias ordenadas y puntuales que se tengan de la misma. Es por esto que los usuarios de SDL Trados Studio cuentan con la opción de tomar un curso de certificación oficial con nosostros o de encontrar dentro del programa mismo la ayuda

How to admin your SDL Studio GroupShare from Ubuntu Linux

I have long been a Linux enthusiast. I actually started trying to use it since installing it seemed like an impossible mission. For a long time linux was not a option for a real world everyday PC for a translator/engineer. However, I grew really tired of Windows by the time Windows 8 was a beta (even when Windows 7

Configure SDL Trados Studio your way

This is why I love working with SDL Trados Studio, you can unpin the term recognition window and the TM window. Then I leave my editor in the left side and move those 2 windows to the right, I have lots of space and a less cluttered desktop in that

How to speed up your computer

Most translators suffer from very slow computers, no matter how much ram they have or how fast their processor is, so I searched and found this great video with some tips to speed up your